Sunny L. Sy is a teenage girl who writes about everything she likes, especially her love for God. this kid likes to watch asian dramas and loves asian things. she's a filipina and a born again christian.


Hi guys, I’m sorry for not posting.. as in. I was thinking of moving to wordpress, so I’m gonna delete this. and I’m gonna start a new. So I’m really sorry but I am just gonna copy some of my post and post it on wordpress too. Just check it out sometimes. Bye for now! ^^


Hi! ^^

I’m still gonna do this Challenge and I’m sure I am going to finish it. Are you bored? Please don’t be. If your the one making the Challenge, I’m sure, you will also have fun doing this! ^^ 

So let’s start! 

Eleventh Question: Your least favorite male character.

This question is hard. REALLY hard. 

hmm… I don’t have a least favorite male character, but I need to choose one so… I’m gonna choose only ONE, ONLY ONE. 

Chen Yu Yi

I kinda feel bad putting Chen Yu Yi as my least favorite, but I gotta pick one. Chen Yu Yi is a character from the Taiwanese drama MoMo Love. He is one of the protagonist of the drama and his character is weak, he’s just a side kick and he didn’t show any  special things. Chen Yu Yi always experienced failures and such but he helped a lot in his family. The thing I hate about his character is that he is weak and he didn’t improve it or tried to be stronger. He even looks weak but it’s fine for me. He was always bullied and I kinda hate the fact that he didn’t fight really hard for his own. 

That’s it for this post and continue to pray daily! :))

Sunny later! ^^


Hi! ^^

This day has come, I’m gonna do a review!! ^^ Yehey! I’m so happy that my camera is here now. I’m just gonna say again that my camera is just a digital camera and I’m an amateur at getting photos. I’m not good at the lighting and the pictures might be a little blurred. Just bear with the photos because I’m gonna save up my money to buy a new camera(not digital) just for you guys! ^^ 

Let’s us start with the review! ^^


(Sulli and Krystal)

I gotta say, Etude House is my favorite Korean cosmetics brand. SHINee and f(x)’s Sulli and Krystal are the endorsers and that’s another reason for me to like it. Although I’m not a fan of pink and Etude House’s stores are made to be cute and girly, their products really works on my skin! I don’t know why it makes my skin look healthy and white but you gotta try one of their products. I’m not saying that other Korean cosmetics products are bad, I’m just saying that Etude House gives me the best results. 

Today, I’m going to make a review on Etude House’s Surprise Stick Concealer in no. 1 light beige.

(I think it’s no.1 because it has no.1 on the side. It’s 348 pesos.)

It looks like that. It says Surprise Stick Concealer and Etude House on the bottom. The product itself is not heavy to carry and is really small. It’s portable and convenient. ^^

When you take off the cap of it, which is color pink, you can see the concealer in form of a stick. You just twist it, and the concealer is now ready to use. 

This is the swatch and you can see that my hands are not moisturize or in short, my hands are dry. :( I forgot to put on a hand cream and it turned into something like that. Going back to the review, the color is too light for my skin right? It was the only shade available when I bought it and I really needed a concealer that time so I bought it. 

It looks like this after blending. Can you see it properly? the difference of the skin without concealer and with concealer? Sorry if the picture is not that clear but it looks like that. It lightens the skin and it also covers up blemishes. 

This product really worked for me. Let’s get to my conclusion.


The concealer was pretty in packaging and really portable.

It’s only 348 pesos and I think I’m gonna use it for a long time.

The concealer smells like flowers for me.

It hides blemishes for me, and also lightens my dark circles.

The shade was fine for my skin, it was the perfect shade for me.

It is easy to open

It is easy to apply, the concealer lasts on your face for about 3-4 hours I think? but for me, it lasts for 8 hours.

It gives a natural look and no one will notice your wearing the concealer.


I don’t have any dislikes, Yehey! ^^

Watch out for more of these posts and I promise I’m gonna make many of these.

So that’s it, pray everyday and thank you! ^^ 

Sunny later! ^^


Hi!! ^^

Yep, you know it, Another post of the 30 Day Asian Drama Challenge. I know you’re getting bored of this challenge, but finally… my camera arrived!!! Well, it’s not brand new, and its only a digital camera(we’re not that rich, okay?) but think of the good side. I can do reviews now! ^^ Just keep waiting for those reviews and I promise I’m gonna do many of those. Let’s go to the challenge first!

Tenth Question: An Asian Character that is most like you. 

Hmm… this is a bit hard for me. My character is a bit mashed up. I kinda have a very unusual character that is why, I’m gonna pick my top 3 character that is most likely me! ^^

(from 1st to the last, a different kind of positioning right? :D ) 

Go Dok Mi (Park Shin Hye)


My fangirling mode is coming again, but Go Dok Mi resembles me a lot. Go Dok Mi is like a rapunzel who is locked up in her own castle and all she does for a living is write. She hates crowds, noisy places, and getting out of her castle. I’m like that Go Dok Mi. I don’t like going out of the house, answering the telephone,or even getting the door if someone is at the front door. Just to clarify things, I’m sociable, okay? I don’t know why I’m kinda scared to do those things, but I’ll overcome it someday. Also, I like writing and Go Dok Mi likes to write too. ^^

Gu Jae Hee(Choi Sulli)

(I got this pic. from some website, not google.)

You should also now that I’m a fan of Choi Sulli and I was surprised that she was starring on a remake of Hana Kimi. Gu Jae Hee is a really amazing person. She’s not too girly, and that resembles me. I don’t like things that are too girly. I’m not a fan of pink(I don’t hate it, I’m just not that into it). Also, Gu Jae Hee is a runner, and I love running. If only I could run everyday but my schedule is a bit tight. Also, my body shape resembles Gu Jae Hee, she’s not that skinny and she’s not fat. I’m like that.

Kim Pil Suk(IU)


Okay, IU is my favorite singer and my fangirling mode is increasing. ^^ Kim Pil Suk is a really wonderful character. She was fat before, and she became a beautiful girl. She knows how to sing, play the guitar, dance, and she’s adorable. She resembles me a lot. I’m trying to lose weight as much as I can and still hoping that I can be as fit as her. I also know how to play the guitar and to sing(I’m not that good at singing though). Also, I have the same face shape as Kim Pil Suk(or IU). Kim Pil Suk is in love with music and so am I. ^^

That’s all and learn to pray everyday okay? Just a simple prayer is already powerful. ^^

Sunny later! ^^


Hi! ^^

I’m sorry for not posting daily. School has come and also pressure is on its way. That’s why I can’t post regularly anymore :((( 

I’m still trying very hard to post so try to wait for it :)) Let’s get to the next question.

Nine-nth Question: Do you download or watch them at a stream site? 

I don’t download dramas, but maybe that day will come. I usually watch dramas in the stream sites. One of the stream sites that I really love is 

I always use this site for watching dramas This is enough for me. It has Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Taiwanese, Hongkong? and etc. I really recommend this site for those who are looking a good site for watching dramas. It also includes Asian movies. So you will probably like this site. Other sites like viki,, even youtube is still good. 

That’s all for this post. (I know it’s quite short)

Read the bible! Prayer is a powerful weapon you know. :)))

Sunny Later! ^^




Annyeong haseyo! Wazzup wazzup I’m 21! :))) Today is mah birthday and to celebrate~ I want to host a small giveaway :D This might not be much but these came from the bottom of my heart <3 kekeke This is also my way of thanking all of you guys who really stayed with me and cared enough to read my blog (^-^)/~ kamsa hamnida!!!

Here’s what you’ll be winning :>


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Hi! ^^

Okay, this is another post of the Asian Drama Challenge!! Let’s get to the post really quickly! ^^ 

Eighth Question: Favorite Male Character in an Asian Drama. 

I gotta say, this is one of the questions I’ve been waiting for. :))

What do I like about Asian Drama Guys?? Are you curious?? :)) Well here comes a list of my favorite Male Characters. Let’s go to some of my favorites first before we go to my most favorite, okay?

Kang Tae Joon or Choi Min Ho

Okay, Kang Tae Joon’s character is very serious and a little bit mysterious at first, but he did show his kind character ones you get to know him. Now you have a clue of what my favorite type of guy is. Although some of you may not like Kang Tae Joon, I kinda like his character and I wanna be friends with that kind of person too. He’s just the type of guy who wants you to discover something about him.

 Choi Young or Lee Min Ho

Just who doesn’t like Lee Min Ho?? I mean, his an a-list actor. He can do any kind of roles, he can give you that feeling of excitement whenever you see him. Even in a historical drama he is still present. A really handsome Lee Min Ho with a historical effect, don’t you think that’s just suited for him?? I like Choi Young, but if “Heirs” come, maybe I’ll like Kim Tan more than Choi Young.


This is my most favorite, as of today……


Moo Jin or Hong Jong Hyun!!

maybe some of you don’t know him cause he doesn’t take up lead roles usually but he had many dramas. I think he will be having many dramas in the future too. Moo Jin(Dating Agency Cyrano) is really mysterious and I kinda like how his attitude goes. It doesn’t annoy me or anything. I liked the fact that he also has a love line in the story!! As of now, he is my most favorie male character, You know I like this type of guys ^^

Well, we should end our post at anytime so… That’s all! :))

Bible reading is a must and Pray Pray Pray!!! ^^

Sunny later! ^^


Hi! ^^

This post will be really short, no pictures will be shared that’s why I’m posting 2 posts today ^^ Let’s start with the question ^^

Seventh Question: Do you watch the Drama because of the storyline/actors/actresses or both?

Well for me, I usually watch dramas because of their story line. It’s a bonus for me if the actors/actresses are one of my favorites. I usually don’t like the drama if the story line is not to my liking, Even though one of my favorites are in the drama, I’m still not gonna watch it. So that’s all, I usually watch the drama because of their storyline! ^^

Hope you still read your bible, maybe it’s becoming dusty, be sure to open it! :))

Sunny later! ^^


Hi! ^^

I’m gonna post another challenge cause I’m a little bit late. So let’s start! ^^

Sixth Question: Favorite Asian Drama OST.

This Drama’s OST is just spectacular, I even want to get the OST album of the Drama.

To the Beautiful You

To the Beautiful You’s OST is one of the best. All the singers came from SM Entertainment and most of the singers are kinda famous. The OST is kinda famous for those who are teens because the drama is for teenagers. Sorry for being a teen haha. Try the OST, you might like it too.


Hi ! ^^

I’m so sorry for the late post. School was one of my reasons for being busy. I’m very sorry. :(( I will still try to maintain posting everyday. So let’s start!

Fifth Question: Which Asian Drama made you cry.

There is only one Asian Drama that made me cry so much and that is…..

Baker King, Kim Tak Goo

Okay, this drama really made me cry. Almost every episode of this drama made me cry. Why? Because the drama was really interesting, I kinda felt the emotions of each character. Also, I really love the story, REALLY.  Although it was only 30 episodes, I really enjoyed it. I did rewatch this drama this year because I really loved it and I think I’m gonna rewatch this again sooner or later. I gotta say, Baker King is one of the greatest dramas I’ve ever watched. you should watch it too. 

Until the next post, God Bless and read your bible! Try to look at Psalms! ^^

Sunny later! ^^